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The Beginning...

I had just moved back home from college, back into my Dad’s house on the farm north of Montevideo, MN. It had only been a couple of weeks and that night my cousin Tawnya invited me out to the bar with her friends. Little did I know, that her friends were also friends with Eston. We were all gathered downtown in Montevideo. I remember we ordered an appetizer and drinks. Eston was drinking vodka sours while I enjoyed whiskey cokes.

After a couple of hours of talking, all our friends disappeared as did my cousin. We spent the remaining time until the bar closed, talking ghost stories and random things on the bar back patio. I brought Eston home as his ride had been long gone already. I went home to my dad’s house that night. The next morning I texted Eston if he wanted to hang out. After that, I never really left…

We had been dating for six months when I presented Eston with a promise ring. I promised him that I was different and that I would be the one to break the mold. It was the first time we told each other “I Love You”.

November 21st, Eston texted me if I would be his girlfriend from another room. I made him say it in person after that, and he finally was able to say it out loud. His smile couldn’t have been bigger! We celebrated his birthday on the 24th by driving to Marshall, MN in the middle of a freezing rain storm (another story). By December, I moved my furniture and belongings into Eston’s house, and the rest becomes our history together.


I celebrated my 22nd Birthday in January. I enjoyed many late nights with friends and family with new and happy changes to my life. Basil turned 4 years old on I’m February. She loves being outdoors and following in her brother’s footsteps. Riley celebrated 7 years old in May, and he loves school and everything it offers! Fester turned 3 years old in May 2011. He was rescued from Alexandria and brought to our home safe and sound to stay permanently. Eston celebrated 26 years in November.What a fun birthday he had too! Coldstone Creamery and Marshall are forever a fond memory.

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