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Riley, Age 2

I am 2 Years Old. My favorite things are Flaming Hot Cheetos & watching Cars!

This Last Year I...

Got to meet a lot of new family members, all the gifts I got for Christmas and My birthday, and all the memories I’m going to start being able to remember later on. I love spending time with Mommy and Daddy as they teach me all the wonderful things like eating with utensils and learning how to get dressed. I also really enjoy all the new foods I get to try from Grandma Lynn’s baked goods to Daddy’s grilled meals and everything in between! I am also learning the art of escape, just ask Mommy and Daddy about the time the lesson I learned about climbing out of my crib.

I want to...

Watch Cars over and over, in fact, we’ve had to buy a second disk because I have watched it so many times that it wore out. I like to wake up early and do all this by myself, turning on the TV and DVD player.

Mommy and Daddy want you to know...

We’re very impressed by the skills you are learning but also want to keep you safe. Be careful baby boy, don’t get too brave as you might get hurt. But, keep your adventurous attitude because it will take you far in life. We love you so much and always want you to know that.

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