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I Didn’t get the Role, and It’s OK

I applied recently for a position within my company recently. it had been a long time since a role like this had opened up, the higher up the role the fewer opportunities for it show up. Ita one of those roles that hardly ever open up unless business need opens up or due to attrition with the role. Attrition could be another person moved internally or left altogether.

So I did a ton of research on this role, I dug in my heels and put my name out there to important contacts. I got an interview lined up for the end of the week. Interviews are the hardest thing for me, I get really nervous about behavioral interview questions. I always think my answers are not good enough or there was some important piece detailing my skill I might leave out. Sometimes, its hard to come up with a situation based answer as you never really know what question might get asked. I prepared a lot!

On the day of my interview I read over all my prepared examples and information about me I felt was very important. I wanted to showcase my skills and how they fit into the role and what I hoped to achieve in the role itself. I was confident and cool in the outside and a nervous wreck on the inside. Afterwards, I replayed the whole moment over and over again. I believed I did great! Like most people, rehashing things can sow doubt about different things. I fell into that trap also… I knew I was confident and that I was qualified for the role, I just had to wait to see if they too thought the same thing.


Today I got the call back from the recruiter for the role. Now, in the past a phone means you got the role and an email means you did not get the role. I was so happy to see that phone number and answer that call and I heard “I know it’s not the news you want but we’ve decided to go ahead with other candidates”.

I said “ Thank You, I really appreciate that I got a phone call to hear this and I’m not giving up. I will try again next time.” And I smiled because I knew I gave it a really really good try.

To the next time, next time will come again!

Credit to the photo is that I am building my career at Capital One. Just because this one thing didn’t go my way doesn’t mean I won’t try again. I’m on my way and I’ve got nothing but time to keep on going. I love what I do and it’s only up from here. And Yes, that’s me on a billboard, I’m pretty proud of that btw 😉

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