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Happy Thanksgiving 2021


Today we are having a Turkey dinner in the form of a homemade Turkey Pot Pie!!! Bought a small #Turkey as it was just us at home. Leander insisted on a cherry pie which turned out so amazing! I made my first ever pumpkin pie and there was some extra batter I had to try out my new silicone cupcake molds… which btw is the perfect mini portion of pumpkin pie for my little mini me’s and myself lol maybe Eston will get lucky with some afternoon Thanksgiving #shopping with one of the few stores still open…

So the Turkey is a 4.2 lb frozen Jennie-O young Turkey, cooked in the 8 quart instant pot with 2 cups of chicken broth and multiple seasonings… came out perfectly done and juicy in 70 minutes on high pressure! (Pressure cooked from frozen and still perfect!)

Cherry pie is two cans of cherry fruit filling inside a pills bury pie crust. Pumpkin pie is from Target MarketPantry done according to the label on the can… very delicious!

Pot Pie is a pillsbury pie crust, layer of golden mini potatoes, layer of a frozen bag of peas and carrots (no corn!) and a layer of the Turkey from the instant pot cubes up into chunks. Gravy was made in the same instant pot, strained and used 2 cups the Turkey/chicken broth. Carmelized onions, 1/3 cup of allnourpose flour, salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and 1 cup of milk. Poured the gravy into the layers in the pie crust. Foiled crust right away and baked 425 for 45 minutes…. I’m drooling and it’s still in the oven lol

Didn’t buy cool whip but able to whip up our own with heavy whipping cream, little bit of vanilla and some powdered sugar! And blue food coloring lol the boys idea!

Update: Leander and Theodore got to pull the wishbone from our little turkey. Theodore won and he wished that we could all act crazy and spin in circles, so that is what we did for a minute. Lol.

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