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Happy 3rd Birthday, Riley!

I am 3 Years Old. My favorite things are Hotwheels & Playing Cars!

This Last Year I...

Got my first Baby Sister, Basil! I’m so happy to be a Big Brother that I can’t wait to show her all the cool stuff she will be able to do when she grows up.

I want to...

Be the best big brother I can be. I want to show her all the cool things I’ve learned and help her learn and grow too. I also want lots of Hot Wheels and play cars with my baby sister but Mommy and Daddy tell me she’s too little just yet.

Mommy and Daddy want you to know...

That even though we are now a family of four, you are our first child and we will love you even more now that we have a little sister to share with you. We’re so happy to see how excited you are to be a big brother we know you will always be there to help keep an eye on her as she grows. You’re going to be the best big brother she could ever have!

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