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First Day of School 2022!

And it begins... The first day of school, new memories, old friends, and what an adventure it is going to be this year.

Basil has her permit to drive now. She is really enjoying being that cool kid that can drive to school and wants to drive around as much as she can. On day two, another kid saw her getting out of the driver's seat and said "You drove???" and she had the perfect response "Yeah, I'm that kind of cool!"

I saw she had a smile a mile wide and it was priceless <3

Leander joins his friends in Kindergarten and in a brand new school! They just finished building it and laying down the grass sod a few weeks before school started. The playground is amazing at 3 levels high! On day one, Leander was brave enough to go down the tallest slide on the playground he shared too. He is so brave!

Theodore also gets to join on the school adventure this year with his first year of Preschool. He is going to be going two days a week to start. He starts a week after his two older siblings and this week of being home by himself with us has been interesting, to say the least.

Theodore's first day with just himself to play toys with was great! He used his imagination and just got to play with such stories! In the following days, he was really feeling the weight of not having his brother and sister at home during the waking part of the day... and he was acting out a bit. We worked our best to make sure to give him enough attention throughout the day.

Next week will be the first time in over 2 years that everyone will be off at school or work and I will continue to work from home, alone. It will be just a few hours a week but its still an adventure.

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