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Can you believe it's that time of year again?!?

Just a few short weeks left to go and Basil will begin her sophomore year of High School, and Leander will begin Kindergarten. The following week, Theodore begins his very first year of preschool!

Theodore picked out his first school backpack already. The list of supplies is easy to find, even after most stores have been picked through. Crayons, pencils, pens, markers, and more... hand sanitizer. I will admit though, that watching the kids pick out their own supplies makes it so much more enjoyable because I remember what it was like for me to pick them out myself too... <3

Next, we will be going clothes shopping for our three kids. I always loved picking out new clothes each year for school. A new outfit for a new year. Not of course forgetting the annual tradition of new socks and underwear! That is always a great feeling.

I'm going to make sure to take the day off on all of the first days of school because I'm going to be emotional watching them all go off to school and wait for them to be done so I can pick them up again.


Our oldest, Riley, now having moved out, has decided he doesn't want to go to college just yet. And, we're ok with that. He can do his own thing and we support him every step of the way. And continued education doesn't have to be a part of everyone's plan and that's ok.

We always make sure to tell our kids that they are not required to go to college after High School is done. You can make a great living with or without a college degree. Our goal, give our kids the opportunity to be successful, make their own big decisions, and let them make their happy places. Even if a job or career isn't to perfect or the highest paying if you really enjoy what you do then it's still worth it. And, you can make anything work.

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