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2018, +1 Invitation

Happy Holidays from the Vogel Family

Say Hello to Theodore Lynn Vogel, our newest Family Member!

Born weighing 8 lbs 15 oz and 19.75 inches long.

This whole year has been an amazing adventure for our Family, Eston and I had new opportunities at work that not only brings home more money but is more rewarding for our careers. Riley Started High School and is definitely bringing his A-game personality in his wardrobe. Basil started Middle School and cannot be happier with a lot more friends. Leander turned 2 years old in September and spent the day having lots of fun. He really enjoys his new Tricycle too! Now, we welcome Theodore to our Family who is going to fill our hearts even more and our home.

The entire pregnancy with Theodore was not without some hiccups but now our baby is on the outside world with us. For the majority of my pregnancy, Theodore was measuring much larger than what he should have been at for the gestational week. Luckily, my Gestational Diabetes, after he was born, went away completely but it does leave me with a higher chance later on in life for developing type 2 Diabetes. We did plan a date for a C-Section with my diagnosis for the week of Thanksgiving on 11/21 and Theodore was born very healthy at 38 weeks 6 days before schedule. It was a great way to begin the holiday weekend so early in the morning! Postpartum recovery was really good as we were discharged 48 hours after Theodores’ birth, with baby and me both doing great! It is so wonderful to have all our family at home again.

Thank you to everyone who visited, called, texted and posted on our social media, we loved sharing with everyone our new baby, Theodore! We hope everyone is having a great 2018 and 2019 is just as wonderful, and to sharing all our family memories together.

School Year 2018-19

First Day of School 09/04/2018

Here is our High Schooler Riley for his first day of 9th Grade and Basil on her first day in the Middle School in 6th Grade. Leander is excited too now that summer is over, big brother and sister are home more. He was missing his two best buddies and now has to look forward to when Theodore is big enough to play the way he wants to.

Riley is going to learn German this year and is focusing on Strength Training and Gym class. Basil is super excited to learn to play the Trombone in Band Class and continue with her arts and crafts! Leander loves watching the school bus go by and dreams of the day he too will ride the “cool” bus.

6th year and Counting…

7 ½ total. 07/24/2018

This year Eston and I celebrated 6 years of Marriage! Sure, like many others, we’ve had our ups and downs but we are still together and will be for many more years to come. We celebrated our Family together as we believe we should. We enjoyed a delicious Steak Dinner and time together. As a family we enjoy going on walks through our small town of Rice, MN and playing board games on Family Night. Not to mention, on a more nerdy note, playing Pokemon Go has given us more reason to get out and get moving every day other than to just spend time together!

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