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2015, Hunting for the prize, Welcome to Rice!

This was the year we discovered Dorito Pie, and it is phenomenal! Something so simple and yet it is so delicious. Our entire family got to experiment with different types of foods this year. Our friend Jeremy even got it on it with us and created a white cheese version of Taco Dip. It was really good too. Eston, Jeremey, and Josh all got to be hunting buddies, a big enthusiasm for bow hunting especially. So we got to have treats like Mourning Dove, Duck, Goose, Deer, and small game like rabbits too. The guys got into grilling more too, playing around with marinades, dry rubs, and extra seasonings on top. Needless to say, no one ever had felt hungry as there was always food to be had at someone’s home.

As the school year ended and our family’s all hung out a lot for summer, we got to play darts and water pong and watch our kids grow. We worked a lot too but it didn’t feel like it since life was really good. As summer progressed Eston and I happened upon the lifetime opportunity of entering into a contract to own a home. However, it was pretty far away. The new house was in Rice, MN, over 1.5 hours to the north past St. Cloud, MN. It was an opportunity we need we wanted to take but it meant leaving our friends behind in Clara City. After a lot of discussions and financial lookovers, we did it. And, on October 31st we moved into our new home in a cul-de-sac in Rice, MN. The house is super efficient and clean and just what we needed to progress in our lives.

Eston found a position at Ashley Furniture working in the backroom warehouse as an Inventory Specialist. I transitioned to being a Pawnbroker at MaxIt Pawn in St. Cloud. Riley and Basil were eager to switch schools even though the year had just begun back in MACCRAY when we left. They were quick to make new friends and loved being closer to Grandma Kristine and Grandpa Ken where they got to go every day after school.

Living in this new area had so many new and better opportunities for shopping, work, groceries, and fun. We discovered the Clemens-Munsinger Gardens were so beautiful to walk through. Lake George has the best park and splash pad. Our neighborhood here in Rice is also filled with really nice families and feels safe.

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