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2014, Family Matters

Riley and Basil attended Karate through community education at the Clara City school building. They were quick studies and learned the basics of Karate, the punch, kick, and many blocks as part of self-defense. KIA!

We visited the South Dakota Bramble Park Zoo in Spring. It was a lot of fun getting to see all the animals and the creepy crawlies, there was even a display of cockroaches! Our favorite part was the large monkey cage filled with lemurs and other various species of apes. We got to witness a Peacock do a full fan of its tail feathers, watched a tarantula crawl along its terrarium, and see a cougar attempting to prowl around its enclosure.

Eston got to practice more of his photography skills and got a really good photo of Riley running down the railroad tracks. It never seems to fail that wherever we are, there is always some kind of railroad tracks or cars. We got to help take family photos for our friends Ashley and her boyfriend Colton. They are so cute together. And did photos for Ashley and Josh and their kids too.

We have been so blessed living here in Clara City, we’re both doing so well with our careers and the kids love their school. It does get a little bored when they have to leave to their mother’s every other weekend but we manage to still have fun even when they are gone. This opportunity has definitely not been wasted on us.

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