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2013, Hello Clara City!

Early in the year, I had accepted a position at the Willmar Trading Post. The coolest job ever being a Pawnbroker. Eston was doing very well in his role with the Mentor Network working as a PCA. We were doing very well for our little family that we decided it was time for a change. Our current home in Montevideo was unaffordable due to the high utility bills and costs of repairs that we couldn’t sustain living there anymore. We found a home in Clara City, MN that was perfect! So in the middle of August, we moved our entire family to our new home.

Riley and Basil were sad to not be going back to Montevideo schools but were excited to attend MACCRAY and make a bunch of new friends, and they did! They go to school for only 4 days a week but stay for one extra hour per day. They loved having Fridays off to spend at home or for us to go on family adventures. We like to go on long walks around the small town and to our Friend’s home of Ashley and Josh with their little girls.

Our home is located right behind the Clara City Pioneer Public Library. Riley and Basil check out books and play on the PCs there almost every day! It’s so convenient that it's right across the alley, their friends that visit the library also mention how jealous they are of Riley and Basil because they live so close. Next door to the library is the Cafe and Bakery, which late at night they bake the bread, donuts, and treats for the next day. There were many late nights if we could not sleep, that we would sit out on our small deck and just soak in the delicious air.

We’re so grateful to live here and be able to keep our jobs in a much easier and shorter journey for both of us to where our works are located.

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