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Good morning, everybody! Hello from 7 am here in Minnesota. Today is forecasted to be… cold! My boys and I have been awake since 5:30, before the sun even peeked it’s shining rays beyond that horizon outside my dining room windows. Leander came home from school yesterday sick, complaining of an achy tummy. With the rules around Covid we have scheduled him another test for today, hopefully everything turns out negative agin and he is just experiencing one of those stomach bugs instead. That would be so much easier to “digest” than worrying if my little boys got Covid before they could get vaccinated.

we’ve already had coffee and toast for breakfast. Leander and I read a wonderful book about “Blaze and the Monster Machines” involving saving a dinosaur egg and using wedges to crack open enormous coconuts blocking a canyon path! I’d have to say I enjoy their books as much as they do with these plot l

Since then I have updated my bullet journal and began this post. I want to also mention that there is now a free .pdf bullet journal available for download on our site homepage. It’s rather adorable with bears on it. I had a lot of fun designing it digitally using google slides. I was considering figuring out how to do a little process video at some point when I learn more skills about “vlogging”. The pages include a monthly page, weekly pages and several blank dot grid pages for all the things in between. It’s very simple and very personalizable with little details as a preface. Please reprint any weekly or monthly pages as you need to fill out the year, or one month at a time. You can save the .pdf file to your devices, which I recommend because I am known to makes changes frequently and will be posting updated designs as time goes on. There is a link in this post that will always be available if you still want this current “beary” design.


The horizon now glows with beautiful oranges and reds as dawn breaks here over St. Cloud. It’s been awhile since I’ve been happily awake at this hour. Even with little people not feeling well in our home, todays outlook appears to be good and fruitful. With an extra dose of craftiness in one form or another!

Stay warm and crafty and may your day be as beautiful as you are! Thanks for stopping by.

Good Morning,


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I am 4 Years Old. My favorite people are Mommy & Daddy!

These Last Year I...

I was introduced to school, making new friends, and reading! I love to read and I want to read everything I can get my hands on. I also love spending time with my family going on such fun adventures to the lake and around my new neighborhood.

I want to...

Read and learn everything I can, I love learning that my little world is so much bigger and my imagination is growing with it! I want to spend more time with my family and I want to make more friends.

Mommy and Daddy want you to know...

That you are growing so quickly right in front of our eyes and it amazes us every day how incredibly smart you are! Keep your sense of adventure and your imagination as it will serve you so well in life.

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