Just last weekend we celebrated Riley graduating High School with a party at the local Eagles Club. The preparation leading up to the party was pretty interesting.

Riley's mother, Brittany, had purchased a lot of really nice decorations, including balloons and table items. There were lots of photos that were on display. A long dog with a grad cap was signed by everyone who showed up. Candy and treats and Green and Yellow Donuts were a hit! She was able to also secure several bean bag toss games, giant checkers, and giant Jenga! There wasn't much time they were not in use...

Brittany had also prepped lots of boneless wings in different sauces for the meal. The Plum Chili sauce was excellent in my own opinion. Buffalo wings were spot on! Suddenly Salad pasta is always good too.

Eston and I made little flip books out of the slideshow I created of Riley's entire life. It was a project years in the making finally coming to an end. Bittersweet a little bit but the memory books can always have more added to them. It was awesome though, 18 years spread across 32 slides, growing up on loop, in a matter of 15 minutes on screen. I'm going to put some finishing touches on the pages that go into the memory book before that is technically done. He won't get that until he is older though.

We also brought more table items, I printed a photo for every year and cut out photo frames saying either the age or grade using our Cricut. They looked pretty awesome on display too.

We had bought and prepped all fixings to have a taco bar, softshell, hard shell and little dorito bags along side a fruit and veggie mix - probably the biggest hit of the whole meal!

Even though there was quite a bit of leftovers, We all celebrated Riley and I genuinely think it was rather succesful. The people who showed up cared about him and were happy to be there and socialize. And now his school career is done, he's got a great job but of course could be on the search for something better he said. The future is right ahead of him and he is at the wheel.

Riley also moved out of our home shortly after graduating, just before the party. It wasn't done in the best fashion but luckily he came around and we were able to discuss things in an adult way. The real world can be hard, don't cash scam checks, make sure you visit and always keep your phone with you. You will be alright.

But in this case our oldest moving out opened up room for movement in the three younger kids! Basil took over Riley's old room. I painted it one week when she was off at her mom's house and it looks great! Som LED lights and boom, atmosphere, lol.

Basi's old room has now become Leander's new room. Watching my 5 year old get ready to sleep in his new room tonight was so wonderful and a little sad, just a little bit. He was so excited he couldn't stop smiling and then it hit him. "Who's gonna sleep in my room?"

Leander and Theodore have shared a room ever since Theodore was about 8 months old. They've always had their best friend right next to them. In fact, both of them were kind of confused that they had their very own bedroom. No one else's. Its that slightly choked up feeling in the lump in my throat of just absolute wonder and amazement of the new feelings and the little pit of I don't want you to be lonely my little boys. But still, you're gonna be alright.

3 more years and we will have another graduate walking out the doors on to the big world. I know a lot more now of what to expect and more of what to prepare. That, I am very thankful for.

We love you, Riley! Congratulations and Good Luck in all you do!

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About a month ago, our oldest, Riley, came home after school one day not looking too well. He said he had done an at-home test at his mother's house and it was negative for COVID. He was pretty ill for several days, feverish, pale, achy, the works out what could even look like a cold or the mild flu. He had another test a couple of days later and it showed up positive. Here it is, now in our home. We had some tests in the past and this was our family's first positive test.

Basil and Eston were tested a few days later and only Basil came back positive. She was not sick in any noticeable way though. One day of a slight fever and aches but nothing more than that. Eston has been working in retail this entire pandemic, always in constant contact with the public, and luckily has not had any positive results. Some days he feels worn down but he may have had it when it all started and could be a "long-hauler", who really knows...

Just last week our two little boys also tested positive for COVID but luckily, even while not vaccinated yet, they do not display any symptoms. I am very thankful for that. Even if our little boys do have to test that they have it, to not have to suffer the results of it is so much nicer. I know there are a lot of people out there young and old, not vaccinated or are, that have not fared nearly as well as our family has. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them for health and peace, to everyone to work together and let us overcome this pandemic.

Tomorrow is Monday, I return to work along with the rest of our normal lives. Our two youngest will be staying home with me while I play double duty work and mom. It can be done and I have done it. Our lives will still continue and our daily activities proceed unhindered. We just stay at home and do it all. I am fortunate to have a good career and have the ability to work from home. I am trying to see if I can have time off approved as it will of course make it easier to fully devote my attention to a few things rather than many in one day. We will see.

My wish and prayer are for everyone to stay safe and healthy and if you do get sick or hurt, your recovery is swift and with plenty of joy. Be well, everybody!

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